Jerusalem’s King Trailer

March 23, 2015

Jerusalem’s King, a production of the Mount Moriah Foundation, Signet Ring Ministries, and Echo Zoe Ministries, is set to be released next month.

New Podcast: Echo Zoe Sermons

January 2, 2013

Echo Zoe Ministries is happy to announce (if you haven’t noticed already) that we have a new, though likely temporary, podcast called “Echo Zoe Sermons”. A group of former members and attendees of Twin City Fellowship are in the process of planting a new church in the Twin Cities Metro. Eric Douma will be the […]

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012

WANTED: Your questions for Marcia Montenegro

September 4, 2012

Back in March, the guest on the show was Marcia Montenegro, former New Ager and professional astrologer. We discussed the Occult, and some of the practices making their way into the Church. Later this month, Marcia will be returning for a follow-up interview to be posted in October. Please contribute questions and/or comments that we […]

A New Day

July 9, 2012

The next chapter has just begun for Echo Zoe. Today we received word that our application for 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt status has been approved! Donations to Echo Zoe Ministries are now fully tax deductible (retro-active to the date of incorporation – July 7th, 2011.) This process took much longer than expected. It didn’t take too […]

Behind the Scenes: Episode 50 with Ryan Habbena

June 14, 2012

When we recorded episode 50, we did video as well. The show went long, so the last 10 minutes or so got cut off (you’ll hear the whole thing here though). This is a “behind the scenes”, not a polished video version of the show.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

Echo Zoe Radio on Facebook

August 28, 2010

Echo Zoe Radio now has a page on Facebook!

I Almost Forgot…

September 13, 2009

Being out of town, and preparing for my trip beforehand, I almost forgot to mention the book giveaway in conjunction with the August podcast episode. The deadline was the end of the day Monday, August 31, and I only received one entry. Harold from Fultondale, Alabama asked to be put in the drawing, and did […]

A Little Housecleaning

July 27, 2009

I’ve been doing a little housecleaning here at, but much of it may go unnoticed. Now that I’ve looked into what “tags” are, I am finding that I like them, and want to make better use of them. I’ve gotten rid of several post categories (but not the posts themselves), in favor of consolidating […]

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