July 2, 2015

Ray Comfort and the Living Waters crew are at it again, with a new movie addressing the subject of homosexuality. The Living Waters team was kind enough to share the film with me, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on it. I’ve long been a supporter of Living Waters, and have followed that ministry […]

Vicente Fox Admits Amero

October 9, 2007

Is it still considered a “conspiracy theory” when the leadership involved comes right out and admits it? Folks, there is some major economic trouble coming. Before we go to the Amero, the dollar must collapse, and that process is already beginning. Our enemies have been shifting their cash reserves away from the dollar and into […]

Missing the Whole Picture

August 23, 2007

Among the buzz today is a statement Bush made yesterday about Democracy in Japan and Germany after World War II. In an effort to bolster his argument that what he’s doing in Iraq is the right thing, he stated (accurately) that there were a lot of naysayers that didn’t believe that Japan and Germany could […]

Dead Sea Saves Boy

August 4, 2007

From Arutz Sheva: A massive manhunt and rescue operation ended in joy around midnight between Thursday and Friday, after a missing child was found alive, floating in the Dead Sea. The high salt and mineral content of the water, while extremely dangerous to ingest, kept the child afloat. I found this really interesting having been […]

Bridge Terrorism

August 2, 2007

The word ‘terrorism’ has been thrown around a little in regards to yesterday’s bridge collapse. Let me just say if it was a terrorist attack, it was done by some pretty stupid terrorists. With one lane in each direction, it wasn’t a very good target. There would have been much better bridges to hit in […]

35W Collapse

August 1, 2007

About 75 minutes ago, the 35W bridge over the Mississippi river collapsed. Quite bizarre! I’ve driven across that bridge hundreds of times. Hopefully the casualty rate is minimal, it was at the tail end of the rush hour, and was under construction so a lot of people would have been taking alternate routes. So far […]

More Free Speech Suspensions

July 4, 2007

The last post was Christians evangelizing at the Gay Pride festival in Atlanta. Now it’s Christians handing out tracts in York, Pennsylvania. Pro-life protesters are taking their case to federal court because they claim York, Pa., police repeatedly violated their free speech rights while they were handing out tracts and preaching outside the city’s Planned […]

Free Speech Suspended

June 23, 2007

If you were in Atlanta this weekend, you may have been at risk of arrest for exercising your right to Free Speech. If you’re gay, you had nothing to worry about. If not, you would have been better off staying home. Notice that while the left is constantly accusing Christians of trying to deny them […]

Christian Muslim Priest

June 19, 2007

At what point does a denomination become so apostate that they are excommunicated from the rest of Christendom? Just when I thought the Episcopalians couldn’t get any more screwed up than they are, Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopal priest from Seattle has come out as being both “Christian” and Muslim. Huh? Yep, she is so […]

Beggers CAN Be Choosers…

June 13, 2007

… at least according to the food banks in the Twin Cities metro area. Now I am all for food banks. I love them! It puts charity where it belongs, in the private sector. We need more food banks and less food stamps. However, it is a bit ironic that rather than complaining that there […]

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