George Alvarado: The Atonement

April 1, 2017

George Alvarado is an Air Force mechanic and student of theology. He blogs at Truth in Grace and is one of the podcasters at G220 Radio. In this episode, we discuss the Atonement. Penal Substitutionary Atonement is the primary view of the Atonement that we hold to as Reformed believers, but other views complement it, […]

Dr. Kevin Bauder: Evangelicalism

May 11, 2012

Perhaps the most difficult word in Christendom to define is Evangelical. Just what is an Evangelical? Dr. Kevin Bauder of Central Theological Seminary, right here in the Twin Cities, recently contributed his view on the subject in a book entitled Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism. Dr. Bauder brings the Fundamentalist perspective on what […]

Bob DeWaay: The Problem of Evil

March 14, 2009

Returning for his third appearance on Echo Zoe Radio this month is Bob DeWaay, pastor of Twin City Fellowship church in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and author of Critical Issues Commentary. The topic of our discussion is “The Problem of Evil”, and is a follow up to the first episode of Echo Zoe Radio, when […]

Bob DeWaay: Open Theism and the Doctrine of Election

May 10, 2008

In this episode, I interview Bob DeWaay, pastor of Twin City Fellowship Church in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Bob and I discuss Open Theism, as well as the Doctrine of Election.