Bob DeWaay: The Benedict Option

June 11, 2017

Bob DeWaay returns this episode to discuss The Benedict Option. The Benedict Option is a best-selling book by Conservative (Political) author Rod Dreher. It seeks to reshape the Christian outlook on Politics and Culture in America, and around the world. Bob has much disagreement with the book, and recently wrote an article on the problems […]

Jordan Hall: A Modern Day Downgrade

October 3, 2013

Jordan Hall is the pastor of Fellowship Church in Sidney Montana. He is also a co-founder and executive board member of Reformation Montana, a missions-oriented organization made up of Reformed churches throughout Montana. In May, Jordan gave a message at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference entitled “A Modern Day Downgrade” that has quickly become the […]

An Invasion of Error: A Review of Bill Johnson—When Heaven Invades Earth

April 2, 2012

By Bob DeWaay [Note: The February episode of Echo Zoe Radio, featuring guest Bob DeWaay, was based on this article.] Bill Johnson of Redding, California has become a popular teacher in one of the latest iterations of the Signs and Wonders movement. His book, When Heaven Invades Earth, reveals his underlying theology. Johnson believes that […]

Bob DeWaay: Bill Johnson, IHOP, & Ancient Heresy Reborn

February 24, 2012

It’s been almost two years since my friend Bob DeWaay has joined me for a podcast, but he is back to talk about the heresies found in the International House of Prayer. The discussion is based on an article that Bob wrote for Critical Issues Commentary that he hasn’t yet published entitled “An Invasion of […]

Phil Johnson: Sola Fide

May 1, 2011

CDFor this episode Phil Johnson returns to discuss the Reformation doctrine of Sola Fide with me. Phil is the executive director of Grace to You, the tape and radio ministry that features the teachings of John MacArthur, a member of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE), founder and blogger at Pyromaniacs, and curator of The Spurgeon Archive.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Phil explained Sola Fide, or “Faith Alone,” as a respones to Roman Catholic doctrine, which blends justification and sanctification, and enslaves followers in a system of works-righteousness. Sola Fide declares that justification comes by faith alone, and is a one-time, instantaneous event, not an ongoing process.
  • We are sanctified by faith, but not by faith alone, at least not in the same sense that we are justified by faith alone. The Arminian and Palagian misunderstanding of justification leads to a doctrine of perfectionism, which makes justification a process and sanctification an instantaneous event, rather than the other way around.

Gary Gilley: Hearing from God?

December 6, 2008

A popular teaching in Evangelical Christianity says that God has a plan (or a will) for us in our individual lives. Some say the level of detail of that plan is limited to major decisions in life such as who to marry, what career to pursue, where to go to college, etc. Others believe that even the minor decisions are planned out by God, such as: what kind of tooth paste to buy, what route to take to work, or how to style your hair. However, most agree that we as Christians need to seek Gods will in that plan, and can hear God speak to us in this regard by way of inner promptings, subjective signs, having a peace about a decision, or other subjective means. Pastors DeWaay and Gilley disagree with this “Popular View” (as Pastor Gilley calls it). After holding a conference about the importance of the Reformation doctrine of Sola Scriptura, I had the privilege of sitting down with them to discuss the topic. We talked about where the view stems from, why they disagree with it, and what the scriptural arguments are for both sides of the view.

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