Gabe Hughes: Mormonism & The American Religion

June 6, 2016

Gabe Hughes, pastor of Junction City First Southern Baptist Church, author, and creator of WWUTT returns for his second episode of Echo Zoe Radio. Gabe recently released a new book called “40 Mormon Beliefs and What the Bible Says,” and the topic of our discussion this month is some of the things he found in […]

Lyndon Unger: The History of the Renewal Movement

May 23, 2015

Lyndon Unger is a pastor, teacher, and blogger at Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely…, and recently spoke on the Renewal Movement at the Last Days Bible Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The first session of that conference in which he spoke was on the History of the Renewal Movement, and our podcast episode this […]

Justin Peters: Word-of-Faith Revisited

July 3, 2010

Justin Peters first joined me back in November 2008 to talk about the Word-of-Faith Movement, also known as “Health & Wealth,” and “The Prosperity Gospel.” This month Justin is back to talk about what he has seen since speaking to him last. Justin attended a conference led by Kenneth Copeland, had a chance to meet […]