Eric Douma: The Religion of Marxism

April 12, 2014

Karl Marx We hear the phrase “religious right” often in our political discourse, referring to people who have political views that are informed by their Judeo-Christian worldview. For this episode, Eric Douma joins me to discuss the “religious left”. Marxism is commonly thought of as a Leftist political ideology, but there is a dangerous religious worldview that drives that ideology behind the scenes.

The subject matter of this episode includes the Emergent Church. To better understand the Emergent Church, listen to episode 18 with Bob DeWaay. Bob is the most authoritative researcher in the world on the Emergent Church.



Tony Miano: Qualifications for Ministry

March 15, 2014


Tony Miano is a full-time evangelist that regularly engages in open-air preaching on the street. He first joined me in December 2012 to discuss Biblical Evangelism, and returns this month to discuss the qualifications that a Biblical evangelist should hold. Inspired by an ongoing series of articles he is currently writing at, Tony makes the case that many in the open-air preaching subculture are doing more harm than good during their public proclamation of the Gospel. Tony makes the case for a minimum standard that he would like to see such evangelists live up to before engaging in public ministry; and while is case is made primarily for open-air preachers, he argues that such standard should be applied to anyone engaging in parachurch ministry.



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Chris White: Mystery Babylon

February 2, 2014

Chris White

Chris White, of Bible Prophesy Talk, has done some extensive study of “Mystery Babylon”, also known as “The Woman Who Rides the Beast” as found in Revelation 17 & 18. He joins me this month to make the case for just who this enigmatic city is. This discussion, and the studies that it is based on, take us all over the scripture, both Old Testament and New, to make his case.



Bob DeWaay: The Doctrine of the Church

January 5, 2014
Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

In keeping with the pattern established over the last six years (excepting 2012), we return to the Essentials of the Christian Faith for the January episode of Echo Zoe Radio. This time around, Bob DeWaay returns to talk about the Doctrine of the Church. We discuss the visible church, the invisible church, the church militant, church universal, and the church triumphant. To the extent we can, we also offer advice to those seeking a local church to be a part of.



Mike Abendroth: The Epistle to Laodicea and the Canon of Scripture

December 7, 2013


And when this letter has been read among you, have it also read in the church of the Laodiceans; and see that you also read the letter from Laodicea. – Colossians 4:16

What happened to the letter from Laodicea that Paul mentions in this verse? There is a letter that has been handed down through the Latin Vulgate that claims to be this letter, but is it? Is it a forgery? Pastor Mike Abendroth returns for this episode to discuss this letter, as well as the Canon of Scripture. We talk about what the Canon is, how it is put together, and who decided what books belong in the Canon of Scripture.



Kent Crocket: Pastor Abuse

November 10, 2013


Among the more painful things that a church can experience is the removal of a Godly pastor and/or a church split. Kent Crockett endured such an experience as a pastor and subsequently found that the abuse he endured on his way out was not unique. Not only does it happen to many pastors, but it strikes churches across denomination lines. Kent’s book is entitled “Pastor Abusers: When Sheep Attack their Shepherd“, and has been very helpful to many people in many different churches to better understand what’s going on within their own church as their pastor faces angry abusers. For this episode of Echo Zoe Radio, Kent and I talk about many of the common elements that happen as angry parishioners seek the removal of their pastor, how pastors can endure such treatment, and how congregations can spot warning signs that such an experience is about to occur within their church so that they can support and defend their pastor.



Reformation Day

October 31, 2013

In honor of the 496th anniversary of the Reformation, and as is annual tradition here at Echo Zoe, I give you the Reformation Polka, and all 95 of Luther’s Theses:


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The First Decade

October 22, 2013

This past Sunday marked a bit of a milestone for Echo Zoe. I had it in mind, but with a morning power outage and making sure I got to church early to teach the first session of the logic course, I got distracted.

Sunday was October 20, 2013, and marked 10 years since the original post of the website that would eventually become Echo Zoe Ministries.

It was on October 20, 2003 that I first got Movable Type loaded onto a Linux web server running on an old computer I had. It was just a small blog that proved that I could manage to load the software without outside help, but I kept it going and eventually it became what you see here today. The site has changed names (for about a week, I called it ‘Vapid Vitality’), changed servers more than once, and even got it’s own domain name, having begun with a DynDns address that pointed to my home network.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I recorded the first podcast, which marked the new direction for the website, and would eventually lead to the incorporation as Echo Zoe Ministries.

Echo Zoe Ministries isn’t 10 years old, but it wouldn’t have come about if not for that first post on that little blog 10 years ago.

That post is still available, but was moved over to a personal site when Echo Zoe became an exclusively Christian/theological website. You can read that post over at Just a Vapor.

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Jordan Hall: A Modern Day Downgrade

October 3, 2013


Jordan Hall is the pastor of Fellowship Church in Sidney Montana. He is also a co-founder and executive board member of Reformation Montana, a missions-oriented organization made up of Reformed churches throughout Montana. In May, Jordan gave a message at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference entitled “A Modern Day Downgrade” that has quickly become the most listened to message of his career. In that message, he addressed some of the more embarrassing behavior and conduct within the Evangelical church in general and the Southern Baptist Convention specifically and pleaded with those involved to come to repentance.

In this episode of Echo Zoe Radio, Jordan and I discuss the original Downgrade Controversy that surrounded similar calls by Charles Spurgeon to repentance as well as this modern day Downgrade.



Ryan Habbena: The New Jerusalem

September 10, 2013


The New Jerusalem is a topic that is not often explored, being a small subset of the study of eschatology (end-times), but the scriptures say much more about it than you’d think during a casual reading of Revelation 21. Ryan Habbena returns for another episode with us to discuss what he found when he dug into this very interesting subject. It’s not only a little-explored subject within the Bible, it’s a subject that deals heavily with the city that will be the home for believers for all of eternity.



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