Ryan Habbena: Getting Israel Right

November 1, 2015

Ryan-GallileeRyan Habbena is back this month, and we’re talking about Israel. There’s a wide spectrum of views on just who, or what, Israel is. Is it a people group, a geographic location, both? Who are we to understand Israel to be as a people in terms of New Testament theology? Ryan does a great job of cutting through the misunderstandings and righting our perceptions about Israel.



Kofi Adu-Boahen: Union with Christ

October 1, 2015
KofiAnd because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption — 1 Corinthians 1:30

Kofi Adu-Boahen is a blogger at Fiery Logic, and member at Gracelife London. In his theological studies, he has been digging into the doctrine of Union with Christ. He believes that this simple doctrine is the key to rightly understanding so many other doctrines, and proper understanding of it will answer many of the theological questions we all have. He joins me to discuss Union with Christ, and how it affects our theology and our lives as Christians.




Alan Kurschner: The Importance of Eschatology

September 1, 2015

Alan-KurschnerA couple of weeks ago, Alan Kurschner of Eschatos Ministries was in town for a conference on Pre-Wrath and Pre-Millenial eschatology. The day before that conference, he sat down with me to talk about end-times Biblical prophecy for this episode of the podcast. As you’ll hear, we discussed the importance of eschatology, why the Pre-Millenial, Pre-Wrath view, as opposed to Pre-Trib or Amillennial, and we addressed the doctrine of imminence, which the entire Pre-Tribulational view depends upon.



Gabriel Hughes: Understanding the Text

August 1, 2015

GabeHughesGabriel Hughes is pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Junction City, KS. You may recognize his voice, as he is the author and narrator of the Youtube ministry WWUTT, or “When We Understand the Text.” He’s also the author of “40 of the Most Popular Bible Verses (and What They Really Mean)”. Gabe and I discuss his ministry, and the importance of reading the scriptures properly.



Steve Cooley: The Social Gospel

July 24, 2015

steve2 Steve Cooley is the associate pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church. He is a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy, and graduate of the Master’s Seminary. He is a regular on “No Compromise Radio” with Mike Abendroth, and is known as “The Tuesday Guy.” Steve joins me this month for a somewhat informal discussion about the Social Gospel.



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July 2, 2015

Ray Comfort and the Living Waters crew are at it again, with a new movie addressing the subject of homosexuality. The Living Waters team was kind enough to share the film with me, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on it.

I’ve long been a supporter of Living Waters, and have followed that ministry for close to 15 years. Ray Comfort has always had a winsome and gracious manner in both how he shares the Gospel with the lost, and how he encourages the brethren to do the same. “Audacity” brings that, and does it very well.

“Audacity” weaves a dramatical story of a relatively recently saved young man named Peter (he’s been a Christian for about a year) with footage of Ray sharing the Gospel on the streets. Peter has a nightmare that jars him to recognize the urgency of sharing the Gospel with others. He uses this throughout the film to suppress his own fears and share the love of God with others, sometimes in rather bold and interesting ways. Ray, on the other hand, demonstrates a lot of skill in gently, yet clearly disarming unbelievers who take the current pop-culture view on the sin of homosexuality in much the same way as he demonstrated on the issue of abortion in his film “180.”

“Audacity” is a great movie to share as a family, and to discuss the biggest issue saturating the current news cycle in a Biblical, Christ-centered way. My only reservation as a father in sharing it with my children is that I do not think they are old enough yet to discuss issues of sexuality (though my oldest, who is eight years old, will be very soon).

For the unbeliever in your life, “Audacity” not only does a great job of communicating the Gospel, as we’ve come to expect from Ray Comfort and Living Waters, it also provides an excellent example that we can show of how Christians really view them, showing love and concern while remaining faithful to the Word of God. Those who may watch it will hopefully recognize that the straw-man caricature of homophobic Christians portrayed in our common culture just isn’t accurate. The film also weaves a message throughout that appearances are often deceiving, and that we (believer and unbeliever alike) shouldn’t be so quick to judge the motives of others.

The film is available now at AudacityMovie.com, and you can support Living Waters by purchasing the film now. It will also be released freely on Youtube on August 19th.

AUDACITY – Official Release Trailer (2015) HD – Ray Comfort from Living Waters on Vimeo.

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Fred Butler: 20 Ways to Answer a Fool

June 24, 2015

Fred-Butler-Lightsaber The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds,
there is none who does good.
– Psalm 14:1

Fred Butler, of Hip and Thigh, returns for his second episode with Echo Zoe Radio to discuss a series of articles he wrote responding to atheist objections to Christianity.



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Lyndon Unger: The History of the Renewal Movement

May 23, 2015

LyndonUnger Lyndon Unger is a pastor, teacher, and blogger at Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely…, and recently spoke on the Renewal Movement at the Last Days Bible Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The first session of that conference in which he spoke was on the History of the Renewal Movement, and our podcast episode this month is further discussion of the topic.



Tony Miano: Misconceptions About Christianity

April 25, 2015


but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect1 Peter 3:15

Tony Miano returns for another episode of Echo Zoe Radio. Tony is a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, now spending his time sharing the Gospel with people through one-on-one evangelism, open-air preaching, and equipping other Christians to effectively and Biblically share their faith in a dying world. Tony was the perfect guest for this topic because he often encounters all of the misconceptions that we talk about for this episode in his day-to-day evangelism work and is well equipped to answer the challenges that people bring with these misconceptions.



Jerusalem’s King Trailer

March 23, 2015

Jerusalem’s King, a production of the Mount Moriah Foundation, Signet Ring Ministries, and Echo Zoe Ministries, is set to be released next month.

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