Echo Zoe Answers, Episode 3

November 16, 2017

Christine asks, via email:

Is it ever not a sin to lie?

This question came up in my Bible Study when we talked about the midwives lying to Paroah about why they didn’t kill the babies born to the Hebrew women. Some have said they weren’t lying, but Exodus 1:17 says they didn’t kill them because they feared God. They gave Pharoah a different reason which indicates to me that was lying.

There’s also the lie that Rahab told when she hid the spies.


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Gabe Hughes: Semper Reformanda

November 3, 2017

Gabe Hughes Gabe Hughes, pastor of Junction City First Southern Baptist Church, author, and creator of WWUTT returns for his third episode of Echo Zoe Radio. With the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation, there's a lot of discussion about both church history and the need for both historical and continued Reformation. One term often used in this regard is Semper Reformanda, or Always Reforming. We talk about what this term should and shouldn't mean, and where the Church has continued need of Reformation.



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Echo Zoe Answers, Episode 2

October 27, 2017

Logan (via Twitter) asks:


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Echo Zoe Answers, Episode 1

October 13, 2017

Kevin (via Twitter) asks:


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Nate Pickowicz: The Five Solas

October 1, 2017

nate_pickowiczNate Pickowicz Nate Pickowicz is pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmonton, NH. He’s also the author of “Why We’re Protestant,” a book about the Five Solas of the Reformation, and the basis for our discussion today.



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Dana Burkinshaw: The Canon of Scripture

September 1, 2017

Dana Burkinshaw is an M.Div. graduate of Central Seminary in Plymouth Minnesota and occasionally teaches adult Sunday School at Gospel of Grace Fellowship in the Twin Cities. He recently taught a lesson on Canonicity, and joins Echo Zoe Radio this month to share with listeners the history and qualifications of the Canon of Scripture.



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Eric Douma: Legalism

August 12, 2017

Eric Douma is pastor of Gospel of Grace Fellowship in St. Louis Park, MN and co-host of Critical Issues Commentary Radio. He's a good friend, and my pastor. He joins me this month do discuss a topic that has been coming up frequently in his own ministry, and that comes up often in Biblical Churches around the world: Legalism. Just what is legalism? How does it manifest in our daily lives? How do we avoid it? We also discuss a little about antinomianism, which is the opposite error to legalism.



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Ryan Habbena: The Old Covenant vs The New Covenant

July 9, 2017

It is essential to properly apply scripture to understand the Mosaic Covenant of the Old Testament  and the New Covenant of Grace revealed in the New Testament. In this episode of Echo Zoe, Ryan Habbena  brings his extensive study of the scriptures to contrast the similarities and distinctions between these two important covenants.



Bob DeWaay: The Benedict Option

June 11, 2017

Bob DeWaay returns this episode to discuss The Benedict Option. The Benedict Option is a best-selling book by Conservative (Political) author Rod Dreher. It seeks to reshape the Christian outlook on Politics and Culture in America, and around the world. Bob has much disagreement with the book, and recently wrote an article on the problems he sees with it. Our discussion is based on his article.



Andrew Rappaport: Hermeneutics

May 8, 2017

Andrew Rappaport is the founder and president of Striving for Eternity Ministries, which focuses on Evangelism, Outreach, and education. He is also the author of What Do They Believe, a systematic theology of western religions.

Andrew joins me today to discuss Hermeneutics, which is the study of how we understand our Bibles. He has a course on his website and youtube page on Hermeneutics, and we will be discussing the basics today.



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