Ryan Habbena: Sanctification

March 12, 2011

My friend and ministry partner at Signet Ring Ministries joins me for his fifth episode with me. Our topic this month is Sanctification, which is also the topic of his newest book The Pilgrim's Path.

Among the specific points discussed were: The role of the Law in the believer's life, the sufficiency of the Gospel and it's sanctifying power for the Christian, Jesus' illustration of the wide and narrow gates, battle imagery and its relationship to the pursuit of holiness, paradoxes of purification, spiritual pitfalls to be aware of, and encouragement for the believer in the struggle that is sanctification.

If you're interested in the book, you can purchase it directly from Signet Ring Ministries in paperback or ebook formats, or you can get the paperback via amazon.com. The proceeds for all sales at Signet Ring go to support that ministry, and the amazon link provides affiliate credit that benefits Echo Zoe.

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