The First Decade

October 22, 2013

This past Sunday marked a bit of a milestone for Echo Zoe. I had it in mind, but with a morning power outage and making sure I got to church early to teach the first session of the logic course, I got distracted. Sunday was October 20, 2013, and marked 10 years since the original […]

God Bless the Podcast

October 12, 2006

I’ve been a big fan of podcasting for some time now. When I was working 65 miles from home, in a different radio market, my iPod (not necessary for podcasts*) was a real blessing. I would get about 40 miles from home and the radio stations would start to cut out – since I tend […]

Spurgeon This Week

July 5, 2006

With the holiday yesterday, and having Monday off as well, I’ve been not only busy, but out of my routine. I am also off Friday (which means a 2-day week for me), so I am going to take the whole week off as far as Spurgeon goes. Sorry, but they will be back next week.

An Up and Down Day

May 2, 2006

Yesterday was a little rough for me. I started the day learning that a beloved brother-in-Christ died almost two weeks ago. Zola Levitt succumbed to his cancer and went to be with the Lord. I was saddened as though I knew him personally, though we have never met (yet). He was a great soldier for […]

My Ruler Beats Their Forcast

March 13, 2006

4-8″ by the time it’s done they say. Well this is an average spot after running the snow blower down the driveway, and it’s still snowing.

Just When I Thought Spring Was Here

We got dumped on last night. We’re still getting dumped on. I headed out for work this morning, and couldn’t get onto the main road heading to the freeway. I got a blcok and a half and got stuck. I managed to head back down a block and then try another street. I got stuck […]

Look Up and Be Afraid

February 26, 2006

Just when the world started getting used to having the likes of me on the roads (it’s been 12 years, but look who we’re talking about), now the world has something new to fear. The Federal Aviation Administration today, in perhaps their greatest laps of judgement since their inception, has seen fit to give yours-truely […]

E-Z on T.V.

January 23, 2006

The local Fox affiliate is doing a story that they asked me to participate in. I can’t get into what it’s about at this time, but wanted to share this picture. My wife and I went to the studio on Saturday, and while we were there, got a short tour. This is a rare “Echo […]

Dispensationalism – I haven’t Forgotten

December 20, 2005

I have just been a bit busy lately. I do plan to get on to Lesson 3, as well as a response to Allen’s post on lesson 2. Besides planning for Christmas, I have been busy: at work – this is great, but does cut down on the amount of time I can spend blogging […]

I Apologize

July 12, 2005

I just learned that writing phone numbers with periods (ie. 201.555.1234) is considered “chic”, and “European”. I’ve been doing it for a while to be different. I didn’t realize this was the “in thing” to do. Now that I know, I will stop.

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