Lessons in Logic


In this series, Echo Zoe's Andy Olson and Pastor Eric Douma teach Logic. You'll learn how to spot bad arguments, poorly formulated opinions, and irrational thought, and how to look at the world in a more thoughtful way. Logic will not only help you engage in more authoritative evangelism and apologetics, but help you to better understand the Scripture and read and understand deeper level, scholarly commentaries.

Andy begins with three sessions in informal logic (logical fallacies). Eric Douma teaches formal logic through the rest of the series.

Entire Series — Digital Download or DVD
Digital Download $5
DVD (NTSC) — Includes Shipping within USA $20
DVD (NTSC) — Includes Worldwide Shipping $25
DVD (PAL) — Includes Worldwide Shipping $25
Individual Sessions (Digital Download only)
Session 1: Introduction & Red Herring Fallacies • Andy Olson $2
Session 2: Association Fallacies & False Assumptions • Andy Olson $2
Session 3: Statistical Fallacies & Propaganda • Andy Olson $2
Session 4: Introduction to Formal Logic • Eric Douma $2
Session 5: Conditional Sentences • Eric Douma $2
Session 6: Dilemmas • Eric Douma $2
Session 7: Categorical Syllogisms – Part 1 • Eric Douma $2
Session 8: Categorical Syllogisms – Part 2 • Eric Douma $2